Why fibreglass pipes?

Tuff Pipes are robust, strong, of food grade quality, UV and fire resistant. Tuff pipes are manufactured by being wound on a mandrill which makes the inside smooth, excellent for those wishing to cut the pipe and make feed troughs as they will clean out easily.

Tuff Pipes by name and Tuff Pipes by nature. They are the cheaper and lighter alternative to concrete pipe, can be used for culverts and causeways, and come in lengths up to 12 metres. They can be rolled into place without the need of machines. Most of our stock is held in 3 metre lengths which are easier and cheaper to transport but talk to us about your needs.

Tuff Pipes can be joined in different ways: A 300mm section of pipe is cut in half and sprung over the two pipes being joined then bolted or screwed together. If placed in the ground a 300mm wide tape of liquid rubber and Geo cloth are sufficient when backfilled as the soil assists to support. Fibreglass joining rings are another solution .They have the rubber seals removed as these pipes are not to be used in pressure applications. There is a 1mm air gap that can be sealed with silicone for the non pressure usage.

Tuff Pipes make an ideal well liner. They have no residue taste, can be cut or drilled to let the water soak in and can be joined for extra length for deep wells. They can be lowered into original well shafts in one piece alleviating the need for a person in the shaft to guide the pieces together making for a safer operation.

The mining industry in South Australia uses these pipes for Egress and Ventilator shafts.

The use of Tuff Pipes is only limited by your imagination. Some of our customers have used pipes for posts on a boundary fence across a swamp area as they won’t rust or rot as well as raised and re-locatable garden beds for renters or people with a bad back to make weeding a breeze.

The photos tell the story. Call us today and see where you can use Tuff Pipes on your property, house block or apartment balcony.

Tuff Pipes part of the Zero Waste initiative from the SA Government.

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